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Lake Shore Paving works with many of the areas industrial plants to come up with various solutions to help maintain their site infrastructure.  We realize that with tightening budgets innovative solutions need to be used to stretch the available dollars. Many times we will work with them to come up with a plan to replace the pavement around a plant over a series of years.  We also have the capabilities to maintain a parking lot by using rubberized crack filler to fill seams or cracks and then apply an asphalt sealer.  The following is a list of companies that Lake Shore Paving has repeated history of  working with, Nestle Purina, TitanX Engine Cooling, Cummins Engine, Heidenhain, SKF Aeroengine, and Dresser Rand.

Asphalt Paving

Asphalt paving is where Lake Shore Paving began.  We have multiple asphalt pavers that range in size from 8'-16' to 10'-20' screeds.  We utilize the latest in grade control technology to provide accurate placement and smoothness.  Whether we are constructing a road or a parking lot we take the same pride in making sure that the final product is installed properly and accurately.

Concrete Installation

Lake Shore Paving has the ability to self perform a wide range of concrete construction.  We typically install our own curbs, sidewalks and other exterior concrete.  This allows us to better control our projects by allowing us to install curbing or sidewalks when they need to be and not have to wait for a sub-contractor.  We have constructed a wide range of retaining walls, asphalt tank pads, footers and foundations and decorative concrete.  We have installed a wide range of stamped concrete utilizing different stamps and colors.  We take great pride in our stamped concrete to ensure that the finished product is what the custom was looking for.


Although our name is Lake Shore Paving, we do tackle a wide variety of excavating projects.  We have the latest in Trimble GPS positioning equipment so that our crews can be as efficient and accurate as possible.  We have bulldozers and excavators that have the Trimble systems installed on them which allow the operators to see the layout of the project, where they are on the project, and the cut or fill required for that location.  Lake Shore Paving has used this technology in the construction of artificial turf fields, building foundation excavations, roadway excavations and trench excavations.


Lake Shore Paving has the experience and skill to handle underground piping including sanitary and storm sewers, waterline and related structures consisting of intakes, box culverts, and manholes. We have worked with a variety of materials and applications including commercial, industrial, and heavy/civil site projects. So whether it’s modifications, expansions, or a complete new system installation, we get the job done.

Parking Lot Maintenance

Lake Shore Paving offers only the highest quality sealer.  We use a product from Star Seal that is a coal tar based sealer that exhibits durability in both cold and hot temperatures.  Along with our sealer we fill cracks in the pavement using a rubberized crack filler that meets the latest NYS DOT specifications.  Maintaining your parking lot, roadway or driveway using these materials will greatly increase the life of your pavement.  

We also offer color coating of various athletic courts, including tennis courts and basketball courts.  Once your seal coating project has been completed we re-stripe the lot or place the appropriate athletic lines.  We only use premium paints for striping so that the finished look will be vibrant and stand out.

Pavement Marking

A parking lot is one of the first things noticed by customers, clients, and visitors entering a facility. The color contrast of a newly striped lot is attractive and is a good indication that the property owner emphasizes maintenance.

A well-marked parking lot directs people safely around the parking area. Crosswalks, stop bars, loading-zone markings, and properly marked pickup areas, such as for customers or boarding vehicles, inform pedestrians where they should walk, when to give right-of-way to traffic, and what areas to avoid.

To help preserve or improve the flow of traffic on a parking lot, Lake Shore Paving's parking lot stripers will either re-stripe or lay out new markings per customer's blueprints or our design.